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Ticketing System

Creating Email Signatures

When setting up your ticketing system, you can configure your tickets and other outgoing system-based emails to display a signature.

Signatures can be configured for emails sent from each of your Knowledge Bases. Nanorep has several basic signatures which are provided out of the box, and you can also create and add new personalized signatures.

To Create an Email Signature

1. From within your Nanorep dashboard, navigate to Settings => Ticketing => Signatures.

The existing basic signatures are all displayed.

A list of the existing Knowledge Bases are displayed below the dialog, enabling you to select a signature for emails sent from a specific Knowledge Base. 

2. To create a personalized signature, click the New Signature icon , at the top of the My Signatures page. The Create Signature dialog is displayed.

3. In the Name field, enter the name of your new signature.

4. From the Share with drop-down list, specify whether all users and agents can use the new signature, or whether it should only remain available to a specific person.

  • If you select Only Me, your signature will be displayed in the list under My Signatures.
  • If you select Everyone, the signature will be displayed in the list under Shared Signatures.

In the body of the signature, the area with the generic Latin text represents the body of the email and cannot be modified at this stage.

5. In the Header and Footer areas, you can enter a branded logo, tagline and signature.

  • To enter an image, ensure that you have your image saved to a proprietary URL. Click the image icon  and enter the URL in the dialog displayed.
  • To enter a tagline, select and replace the generic text.

6. Below the body of the signature in the Create/Edit dialog, there is a list of supported fields:

These fields take their value from other places within the system, using information defined by your system administrator. You can use the generic values within the signature and they will automatically be populated each time a ticket or email is sent.

7. Click Create to save your new signature. It is then displayed in the list of available signatures, according to your specifications.

8. At the bottom of the My Signatures page, are several further fields:

  • Default Signature: Drop-down lists for each existing Knowledge Base, enabling you to select the required signature.
  • Limit Users to Default Signature checkbox: Select to only allow agents and users to use the a pre-defined default signature.
  • Users can create personal signatures checkbox: Select to allow users to create their own, personalized signatures.