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How do I configure the outgoing email settings (SMTP server configuration)?

You can configure Nanorep to send replies to tickets from a specific email address, in most cases this email address should be your company email address.

In order to set this up, you need to configure Nanorep ticket email replies to go through your SMTP server. To configure the outgoing e-mail:
  1. Go to Settings →Ticketing →Ticketing Basics tab → Outgoing email

  2. configure the following fields:
  • E-mails 'From' – the name of the outgoing e-mail
  • Reply-to address – The outgoing e-mail address
  • Default ticket status when agent replies – decide what happens to the ticket once a respond is sent; will it be closed on first reply or always closed
  • Make sure to select the "Send emails through custom SMTP server"


  • Enter your SMTP server settings.
  • Click on "Apply".


In case you were not able to set up the SMTP integration, please contact our support through the "Submit an Issue" button for further assistance.