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Setting up Nanorep contact forms


Part of the Nanorep constant online presence is the contact form feature, an integral part of both the floating and the support page widgets, that allows you to gather vital statistics about your online consumers, as part of the question asking process. These contact forms are fully customizable and configurable, so you can structure the input from your customers to reflect the informational elements most useful to you in terms of business intelligence, market share and demographics.


Setting-up the contact forms

1.       From within your Nanorep account, navigate to Guided Journeys => Touchpoints.

2.       Click Personalize in Floating Widget.

3.       You are now asked to specify for which Knowledge Base, URL or domain you are making this change. The default setting is Master Settings, which we recommend you choose, as it ensures that your changes will take effect across all your domains and URLs.


4. In the Settings page for your Widget, select the Contact Forms tab, and go to the Popular Forms sub-tab.


Displayed in this tab are all the generic options provided with the Nanorep solution. All of these can be edited to reflect the needs of your company when obtaining demographic data and market research information. See Customizing the Contact Form below for information about personalizing and configuring a contact form.

5.       Click the form you wish to be displayed within your widget. The change is shown in the display of how your widget will look, in the right-hand section of the page. 

6.       Click the Save changes button that is displayed, and then click OK. The change is made instantaneously in the widget on your website.

Customizing the Contact Form

You can modify and personalize all of the contact forms to suit your needs and reflect your requirements.

1.       Click the pencil icon underneath the required contact form.

2.       The Customize Contact Form dialog is displayed, as shown below.

This dialog is comprised of three tabs: EditPreview and Settings.

Edit Tab

  • Each field within these tabs is editable.
  • You can add new fields by clicking Add New Field.

To edit a field, move your cursor over the field until it is highlighted:

Following is a table describing all the editable options:



Click to change the position of the field within the form.

Click to edit the name of the field.

Note: All field text to be visible and viewed by the customer can be modified.

Click to delete the field.

Click this arrow to display the field’s settings side tab :

You can adjust these settings according to your requirements; specifying a textbox type from a dropdown list and enforcing a certain type of customer-entered content; specifying whether a field is mandatory and adding a validation message if required.


Click to display the field’s further settings side tab:

Again, you can adjust and modify these settings according to your requirements; specifying the field name as it will be represented in the submitted ticket, or defining the class for this field in the CSS.

To save your changes, click Save.

Preview Tab

In the Preview Tab, you can see how your newly edited contact form will appear to the customer, as shown in the example below.

Settings Tab

In the Settings Tab you can give your Contact Form the name of your choice, and specify the language to be used in it.


Assign values to form fields dynamically using an API

You can assign values to fields dynamically. You can also create hidden fields to convey further ticket details. For more information about the API, click here.