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Ticketing System

What are the ticketing integration modes?


Nanorep supports all e-mail forwarding integrations, which can be used across CRM and ticketing systems such as Salesforce, Kayako, Zendesk and so on. 

Nanorep works with two e-mail forwarding modes:

1. Advanced: each e-mail is forwarded to the CRM with a reply address to the Nanorep system. When the CRM system 'replies', the answer is saved in Nanorep and sent to the customer by Nanorep.

2. Basic: each e-mail is forwarded to the CRM as if it was sent from the customer himself (with the customer's e-mail as the actual reply-to address). The CRM 'replies' directly to the customer. The CRM can 'cc' the Nanorep inbox in order for Nanorep to learn the answer.

The email  forwarding integration can be set under: Settings -> Ticketing -> Ticketing Basics tab -> 3rd party integration.

Just populate the empty field with the email address where you want tickets to be forwarded to.

Establishing your CRM/Ticketing System Integration