Welcome To Our Customer Service Portal

How do I answer a ticket?

To answer a ticket (in the 'Open tickets' or in the 'My Tickets'):

  1. Click a question to display the answer editor.
  2. Select one of the existing answers suitable for this question by using the 'Search for quick answers' field which presents suggested answers taken from your knowledge base. You can also type in a query to find additional answers in the knowledge base. You can then click anywhere on a relevant answer to send this answer to the customer. You will be able to edit the answer before sending it.

  3. If no answer was found or you choose to create a new answer, use the "Write Answer" field. A variety of links, images, videos and text types can be easily added to each answer using the Nanorep toolbar. For example, you can link to another answer from your knowledge base.

  4. Before sending the new answer to the customer, you will be asked to add this answer to the knowledge base and you will have to select one of the following options : “No, It's personal” (to discard this answer after it is sent to the customer) “Add to suggestions / Decide later” (If you want the answer to be available for similar tickets).
  • "No, It's personal" - to discard an answer after it is sent to the customer
  • "Publish answer" - choosing this option will upload the Q&A to the knowledge base making it available for everybody.
  • "Add to suggestions / Decide later"- Selecting this option will save and move the question and answer to the 'publish answers' section in the knowledge base where it can be uploaded to the online knowledge base (or edited and then uploaded). This answer will also be suggested to other agent's when answering a relevant ticket.

You and your agents will probably use this option when answering with new info that is not in the knowledge base.  One option would be to upload it immediately to the knowledge base by selecting the "Yes" option. But your agent can't upload new answers to the knowledge base. Even when you are answering the ticket, a lot of tickets will require some adjustments or thinking before uploading them to the knowledge base for everyone to see. That is the reason why this option exist – to enable you to use the ticket later on by moving it to the 'publish answers' section.

The 'publish answers' section is NOT ONLINE so until it is uploaded, the ticket will not be available online. This section is where candidates  to be uploaded are saved (think of them as potential new Q&A). Learn more about 'publish answers' section.

       5. In the 'Status' field on the bottom left of the screen, select one of the following options:

  • 'Open' to define that this question still requires attention. The ticket is then added to the 'Open tickets' queue.
  • 'Close' to define that this question has been completely answered and no longer requires any more interaction with the customer. This ticket is automatically saved in the 'All Tickets' branch, which contains all tickets' history.

      6.  Click the "Send" button to send this answer the customer.

      7.  An email similar to the following  is sent: