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How to associate an agent to a group?


An account manager can define groups in the system (e.g. Support, Sales, etc.). He/she can then associate an agent with one or more groups.
The association is done outside the group creation screen, on the "Users screen".  All you have to do is mark the agents you want associated with the group, click on the "Groups" button of the top toolbar, click on the group from the list and your agents are now members of the group.

For example:
Going back to the "Support" group example, let’s assume that we saved the group. Now we would like to associate Dan, Roy and David (our support agents) with it. As you can see, we marked them in the Users screen. When we click on the "Groups" button where the group list opened, the groups I have to choose from is shown. In our case, only one, the "Support" group, is shown. Clicking on the "Support" option will immediately associate Dan, Roy and David with the "Support" group.