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How to limit ticket assignment (group permission)?


In each group, you'll have the option to select to which groups the users in this group may assign tickets to. The list includes an 'Everyone' option and other groups. If 'Everyone' is chosen, no special permissions are changed. Otherwise, the users of the group will only be able to assign tickets to users from the chosen group.

Please note:  you will be able to see in the dropdown menu only those groups that have agents already assigned to it. If you're creating a new group, and haven't assigned any agents to it yet (because you assign agents after creating the group), you must select the "Everyone option", save the group, associate your agents to it (see next section), edit the group and change the ticket assignment – your group will now be available in the dropdown list.

For example:
Going back to the "Support" group example, suppose that we already created the group and associated agents to it. Now we want Dan, Roy and David (our support agents) to only be able to assign tickets to other agents in the group. By choosing the "Support" option from the "Ticket Assignments" dropdown list, we determine that all members of the group "Support" can only assign tickets to other members of the "Support" group, meaning each other.
If we did not already associate agents to the "Support" group, we'll need to choose the "Everyone" option (or any other option from the dropdown list) and then save the group, associate agents, and then edit it and change the option in the dropdown list to the group we have just created.