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Ticketing System

How do I create a group / limit agents to a certain group?

Creating Groups

  1. Go to Settings->Users & Security
  2. Click on the  Button on the upper toolbar and click on the bottom link: "Create group…"

  3. Fill in the group name.
  4. At the "Advanced" tab => Select a ticketing permission option. To learn more, please refer to Permissions section.
  5. If you selected one of the first 3 options, fill in the number of tickets, members of the group can take, and the maximum number of tickets assigned to members of the group before they can take more. To learn more, please refer to 'Take' options part in the Permissions section
  6. If you selected one of the 'take' options, select one or more labels that only members of the group will have access to.
  7. Select an option from the Ticket Assignments dropdown list at the top of the screen. If you want the members of the group to only be able to assign tickets to other members of the group, you'll need to associate agents to the group first (after creating it). Then you need to edit the group (By clicking on the "Groups" button, hovering over the group and then click on "Edit"). You then need to select the group from the Ticket Assignments drop down. To learn more, please refer Ticket Assignments section.
  8. Click the "Add / Update" button.
  9. Go back to the "Users" screen and mark the agents you want as members of the group.
  10. Click on the "Groups" button and click on the group you want from the list.