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How do I install the Embedded Widget?

The set up the Support Page Widget, follow these instructions:

1. Log into your account.

2. Go to Guided JourneysTouch-points.

3. Click on "Get the code" in the "Embedded Widget" section.


4. If you have more than one knowledge base, you'll have to set up the widget for each knowledge base separately. Choose the knowledge base from the drop down list. 

5. Choose the widget size. The recommended size is: Width: 400, Height: 500.


6. If you are using IE6 and IE7, mark the 'Support IE6 and IE7' check box and download the cdc.html file using the 'Download cdc.html" link and upload it to your website. Enter the full path (the path of the file on your server) in the empty box.

7. Copy the code you get and paste it into your website support / contact us page (above the 'contact us' form).

8. You can also use the "Preview" box (on the right side) to see how it looks and to give it a try.