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How to edit the "No search result" message

The "No Results" message in the widget configuration supports HTML tagging.

Follow these instructions in order to set up a hyperlink to the "No search result" message.


1. Go to Guided Journeys => Touch-points => Personalize (embedded, or floating widget).

2. Choose the appropriate URL, or knowledge base.

3. Go to the "Texts & Colors" tab, and look for the "No search result" field.

4. You can add a HTML hyperlink to this field, to another page.

For example:

No results for '{QUERY}'. Try a different phrasing or send an email. <a href="http://www.Nanorep.com/contact">Click here</a> 

It is also possible to add additional HTML tags, such as font color, font size and font style....


You can also define rules based on "no search result" state. For example: offer to open a ticket or start a chat with an agent, if the customer haven't got an answer to his query. Follow this link to learn how to do that How to define smart channeling?