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Floating widget customization (Arcade and Modern widget)

Floating Widget Customization

Customizing the Look & Feel

Go  to Settings => Widget=>Floating Widget=> Personalize → Select a knowledge base or URL to customize → Basic

  • Widget color customization: click on the colored box next to 'Primary color' field and select the color you want. The color selected below is pink.

  • Enlarged widget title text customization (the widget after mouse over): change the text shown next to the 'Title' field ("Get Instant Answers").
  • Minimized widget title text (the widget before mouse over): change the text ("Have a Question?") shown next to the 'Title (minimized)' field.
  • For dock position (Where the widget is placed on the page): click on the 'Customize' link next to the 'Dock Position' field. Default docking is left positioning; you can change it to be poisoned right.

  • For Custom CSS: to modify the CSS for the widget insert the CSS code in the 'Custom CSS' box.

  • Decoration image:
    • Decoration image: select an image from library or add an image URL.

    • Image position: define the position of the back image.
    • Widget back image question on click: Auto question which appears if clicking on the decoration image.
    • Widget back image timeout (milliseconds): Time to show widget. Set in milliseconds and removes the image when the time is up. If the time is 0, the image will not disappear.

Customizing Default Text

Go  to Settings => Widget => Floating Widget => Personalize Select a knowledge base or URL to customize  Texts & Colors

  • Search box initial text: change the text ('Type your question here') shown next to the 'Search box initial text' field

'No results' text customization: change the text ('No results… try a different phrasing or ask an agent') shown next to the ' "No Results" message' field

Customizing Fonts & Colors

Go to Settings => Widget => Floating Widget => Personalize Select a knowledge base or URL to customize  Texts & Colors

In this section you can:

Change the fonts and colors of the:

  • title
  • answer text
  • answer title

Change the colors of the:

  • Links

Customizing Position & Size

Go  to Settings => Widget => Floating Widget => Personalize→ Select a knowledge base or URL to customize  Position & Size

  • Bottom margin: fill in the distance in px from the bottom

  • Side margin: fill in the distance in px from the side (default is 10px)

  • Minimized width: adjust the widget's width when minimizing (before mouse over)

  • Expand on rollover: mark it  to make the widget expand while roll over. “Unmarked” means it will expand only on click.  
  • Float auto-minimize timeout: fill in the time the widget is expended from page load until it becomes minimized. If the time is not 0, please don’t forget to mark the next field as well.
  • Expand on page load: mark it  to make the widget expand when page loads. “Unmarked” means it will not expand when page loads.

Advanced Customization

Go  to Settings => Widget => Floating Widget => Personalize → Select a knowledge base or URL to customize → advanced

  • Auto-Label tickets (IDs): first, choose the relevant URL in the URL combo box. Then, select the label to be attached to a ticket from the URL.
  • Append footer to answers: add text below the answers. Suitable for campaigns or notifications you want to promote to your customers. The text can include a "HTML" as well.   
  • Append once after results: when more than one answer is suggested, the text will only be added below the last suggestion.
  • Widget enabled: mark / unmark it to show or hide the widget.
  • Mobile widget enabled: Check / uncheck it to show or hide the floating widget on mobile phones.