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Can I make the floating widget expand only for a certain amount of time?

  1. From within your Nanorep account, navigate to Guided Journeys => Touch-points.
  2. Click Personalize in the version of the Widget for which you want to make the change.
  3. You are now asked to specify for which Knowledge Base, URL, or domain you are making this change.
  4. The Settings page for your Widget is displayed. Click the Position & Size tab.

  5. In the Float Auto Minimize Timeout field, enter the amount of time for which you want the widget to be expanded.

    Note: The default time is measured in seconds, and the default is 0.
  6. The change is shown in the display of how your widget will look, in the right-hand section of the page.  Click the Save changes button that is displayed, and then click OK. The change is made instantaneously in the widget on your website.