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How do I add Nanorep widget to Salesforce?

Adding Nanorep widget to Salesforce is simple. You can watch the step-by-step video below (recommended to watch on full screen):

Alternatively you can follow the steps below:


1. Get the Nanorep Support Center widget code.

2. Login to your Saleforce, make sure you have admin privileges.
3. Click on "Setup":
Inline image 1
4. Click on Develop-->Pages-->New
Inline image 2
5. Enter the label & name.
6. Paste the Nanorep code to the apex tag.
7. Modify the code to have width of "100%" and height of 400px.
8. Add an attribute to the apex tab, as follows:
<apex:page standardController="account">
9. Click on "Save".
10. Click on Customize-->Accounts-->Page layouts
Inline image 3
11. Edit the relevant layout
Inline image 4
12. Drag the "section" button to the relevant position.
Inline image 5
13. Enter the section properties as follows:
Inline image 6
14. Select "Visualforce Pages"
Inline image 7
15. Drag the "Nanorep accounts" element to the newly created section and release the mouse button.
Inline image 8
16. Click on "Properties" in the new page section and enter the properties according to the screenshot below:
Inline image 11
Inline image 9
17. Save the changes.
The final result should be similar to the image below: