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Translating Widget Texts

When you have separate Knowledge Bases for different languages, you must ensure that the field texts in the floating and Support page widgets for those Knowledge Bases display in the correct language.

To do this, you must configure the widgets:

Translating Floating Widget Texts

Translating Embedded Widget Texts


1. Navigate to Guided journeys => Touch-points =>  Floating Widget, and click Personalize.

2. In the Select a knowledge base or URL to customize field, from the drop-down list, select the specific Knowledge Base for which you need to configure the language of the widget texts.

3. Select the Texts and Colors tab. You must customize the text for the following fields in the appropriate language.

  • Title
  • Title (minimized)
  • Search box initial text
  • "No result" message
  • Escalation-bar title
  • Chat button text
  • Email button text
  • Question posted confirmation

Note: In the below example, the Spanish Knowledge Base has been selected.

4. You must also customize the fields in the contact forms. Click the Contact Forms tab, and ensure that all the required fields are customized in the appropriate language.

Click here for information about setting up Nanorep contact forms.