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nanorep Interfaces

What widgets do you provide and how can I add them to my website?

We provide the following widgets: Floating Widget, Embedded Widget, Dynamic FAQ Widget, Social Self Service (Facebook)Conversation configuration (Bot)

Here's how to add the Nanorep widget to your website:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to Guided Journeys Touchpoints.
  3. Choose one of the widget types and follow the script installation (the mobile widget is automatic).
    Each widget can be installed by adding a different code snippet to your website hosting environment.

After you addi the code, Nanorep's widgets appear on your website, Facebook page, and/or mobile app. Users will be able to ask questions, receive answers, send tickets (after implementing ticketing settings) and chat (after implementing chat integration).

All of the Nanorep widgets are customizable.