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nanorep Interfaces

What Nanorep interfaces are there?

This article provides an overview of the most popular interfaces Nanorep offers. All of the interfaces are available for mobile as well as desktop deployments.

Floating widget:
The Floating widget is an interactive window which allows your customers to ask questions and get instant answers, wherever they are on your website.
The widget is positioned at the bottom left or right corner and shows answers that correspond to the question and how it is worded, immediately as a customer begins to type a question. Following the response provided, the customer can search for additional answers, browse FAQ or channel their request according to your customer service strategy. 
Motivation: Provide the specific information your customers need where they need it. 

Support Center:
Increase the likelihood of customers finding what they need on your site via a full page that combines a set of Nanorep powerful tools: search, navigation, and dynamic FAQs. Nanorep SEO support page enables customers to reach the information even using global searches such as Google.
The support center increases the likelihood of customers trying to self- serve first, as well as implement a sophisticated channeling approach.
Motivation: Provide your customers with a high performance help center where they can easily navigate and search to obtain rich content. 













Embedded widget:

Offer your customers to search for answers and view FAQs in a highly consumable fashion. Very useful to embed in the contact us area so customers find the information they are after, eliminating the initial intent to contact human assisted channels.


Conversational bot:

It was designed to change user experience from simple article searching to conversation-based interactions. Your website visitors will ask questions just like they would ask them to real person and widget will do its best to response in the similar manner.

You can find more information about its features in this article: What is the Nanorep Conversational bot?


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