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How can I implement the Support Center as iFrame

The support center can become an integral part of your website. However, the Nanorep engine resides in the Nanorep servers making it a challenge to integrate the existing website and the Nanorep environment.


iframe solution

If it is important for you to have the support center an coherent part of your web site, having all your functionality and header and footer in place, then what you need is the iframe solution.

Iframe had before a "bad reputation" mainly because the search engines would not crawl inside iFrame.

Since 2012 Google, followed by others are crawling iframe, so frames  'went back to the game'.

What are the benefits of using aniFrame:

1. You get a full control of the page wrap, including using the site's header and footer, cart support, logged in users and any other cross website functionality. 

2. We have developed a "smart" iframe that will

  1. Automatically change its size according to content inside the iframe.
  2. Change the hosting parent page URL to reflect the changes in the iframe, For example, if the user had navigated to a specific article, then the article URL will be reflected in the parent's URL. This behavior can be disabled if not desired. 

3. The iframe solution fully supports any SEO aspect, including redirecting to the parent hosting page, in case the iframe is opened directly from google.

Solution without iframe

In the past, we suggested using an external page, with a subdomain address to host support center. 

This page, however, cannot be a part of your website. That is because we cannot manage a duplication of your site's header and footer. We cannot duplicate the code that handles your site's functionality in areas such as: User Secured login, Cart management or Site Search.

However, if these issues do are not part of your business concern, then the stand alone support page could be an excellent solution for you. Why?

1. Changes in your site are minimal to just add a link to your new page.

2. The page is technically easier to implement, without any conflicts that sometimes happen when using an framei at the time of set-up