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Technical Preparations to implement a support center

Setting up a subdomain with a CNAME

The support center runs on Nanorep servers. In order for you to get the score for activities in the support page, you will need to allocate a subdomain out of your main website's domain. In order for your subdomain to use the Nanorep Server, please specify a CNAME record to point from the support domain to <<account name>>.Nanorep.co

Once the CNAME is setup - please contact your CS and inform with this new subdomain URL. The next step than, would be to to update this new URL in the support center settings in the Support center domain field.

Secured (SSL) Setup: If your site is secured, and you've chosen the iframe solution, then we need to set up a secured connection in Nanorep and exchanged certificates. This is a special requirement, which you need to notify your customer success focal point in Nanorep. We will then review your certificate and our support team will work with you to get all the relevant files.


Setting up a parent page for an iframe solution

Please add the following code to the page that will include the iframe solution:

 <script type="text/javascript">             (function(){var e = document.createElement("script");e.src = '//cdn-customers.Nanorep.com/common/iframe/parent_iframe_v2.js';document.head.appendChild(e);})();</script>

   <iframe src="//your CNAME for support center with http://www or https://" style="width:100%;height:800px;border:0" id="supportFrame"></iframe>
The code is comprised of two sections which can be separated:
  1. Uploading a js file:cdn-customers.Nanorep.com/common/iframe/parent_iframe_v2.js which is loaded in the head part of your page. This file is responsible for communications required between the parent and iframe such as: iframe resize, parent's URL update in the address bar etc..
  2. The DOM element: iframe which you need to set in the position where you would like to show the support center iframe. The source of the iframe should be set to the address of CNAME record.

If you are using context in your support center, please read the this article that explains how to path the context.

Notifying the support page about context

If your support center is context sensitive, then you need a way to tell the support center in which context you are.

If you define a function called:  setContextNanorepSupportPage in your support center hosting page and in this function return pairs of the context type and context value, then the support center will read this function and update the context accordingly. 


For example:

<script  type="text/javascript">

function setContextNanorepSupportPage(){

return "product=CMS,device=desktop";} 


Setting up the support center templates in the Nanorep console (if you're building it on your own)

If you are building the support center on your own: 

In the master page  please remove mark out around  

<script  type="text/javascript" src="https://www.Nanorep.com/customers/common/js/iframe/support_center_iframe_v1.js"></script>
 window.iframeHlpr=new iframeHelper({parentURL:"<%Site.MainSiteUrl%>",iframeBasicURL:"<% Site.Domain %>"});
This script is located just above the close of section head. </head>
Then please remove mark out at the bottom of this page :
document.body.style.height = 'auto';
// iFrame initiate resizing and other messages to be sent to parent hosting page