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How to setup SEO meta title and description in the support page

The support page are divided into 3 types of pages:

The Homepage

The Label page

The Article page

 The homepage title and description can be controlled through the page templates  and the setting of the support page.

Go to Guided Journeys=>Support Center => Settings(default state)

For title you can use the Site name field:  

 for the description or another title:  you can update the html in the Homepage page Template.

The label page title is set to be the label name by default. You can overwrite the title, and also define one description for all the label page go to Guided Journeys=Support Center =>Page Templates => Label page


The Article page title and description are set in the article level, open the Console -> Knowledge ->All Articles, select the article you want to update the title and description.

Open the options tab, and in the bottom, please update the meta title and description.

These values can also be overwritten or updated in the templates page.