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Troubleshooting iframe implemenation of support page

There a few indicators you can check to see that all is working as expected, after implementing the iframe code.

<script type="text/javascript">             (function(){var e = document.createElement("script");e.src = '//cdn-customers.Nanorep.com/common/iframe/parent_iframe_v2.js';document.head.appendChild(e);})();</script>

   <iframe src="//your CNAME for support center with http://www or https://" style="width:100%;height:800px;border:0" id="supportFrame"></iframe>

1. The iframe size should be changed according to the content of the iframe, if you navigate to a long question, the iframe will expand and no scroll bar should appear. If you do see a scroll bar on the iframe - that means that your code is not  implemented correctly, please review the implementation process again.

2. When navigating inside the iframe, the parent URL is changed according to your navigation. If navigating into internal pages in the iframe doesn't change the parent URL - that means your code is not implemented correctly.

What can go wrong:

1. Iframe ID was removed from the code.

Solution: Please set back the iframe ID to be- id="supportFrame"

2. I see a gray screen instead of the support center

Solution: CNAME definition is not correct

3.In case you have HTTPS enabled make sure you don't have mixed content such as http and https together in the webpage and make sure both the iframe and the parent homepage are SSL secured.

4. Parent page is encoding the URL

Solution: Please add the following function to your parent page:

function nanoEncodeURL(path){
return encodeURIComponent(path);

Implementation notes:

The first step is the DOM element that holds the iframe. insert the code snippet into the relevant DOM element, The iframe should have the URL of the CNAME defined by you. Sometimes the CNAME definition is not setup correctly which results in a gray screen instead of showing the iframe.

Two is a code that loads the JavaScript file. Please make sure that the file is loaded once you embed it into the webpage, you can troubleshoot using the developers tools in the browser, you can also check the Network tab in the developer tool to make sure that the file is loaded (you can click Ctrl + F - to look for the the js file name to make sure it is loading) If you don't see this file - it can suggest that the function was not called. this specific code snippet injects the JS iframe library in the head area of the script.