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Support Center SEO

As part of the available touchpoints that Nanorep offers, is a built-in, SEO-enabled, fully HTML customizable and mobile-optimized Support Center.

Consisting of continually updated dynamic content in addition to incorporating your entire Knowledge Base, the Support Center habitually adapts according to content popularity, can be seamlessly integrated into an existing website and is completely mobile-responsive. During installation, the entire Knowledge Base can be automatically populated, making the Support Center extremely accessible and highly searchable via Google, ensuring a high rate of organic traffic.

There are several standard out-of-the-box templates for the Support Center, which can be viewed here, using the setting side widget in this page. You also have the option of completely tailoring the external appearance to reflect your brand. The HTML customization incorporates editable HTML pages, the automatic creation of metadata and SEO optimized links for articles and related topics.

The Support Center uses a subdomain of your main domain. It is embedded in your site as an iframe, enabling a user experience in which the Support Center looks like an integrated, in house part of the main domain. Same solution and SEO goals can also be achieved by using the subdomain as a stand-alone page. This page would not look like the rest of the site, as it will be missing the header/footer of the site.


How does the sub-domain structure affect my SEO ranking as compared to sub-folder structure?

In late October, 2012, Matt Cutts of Google’s Webspam team clarified the subdomain/subdirectory situation insofar as Google was concerned. He said:

“The historical reasons why you might have wanted to go for a subdomain don’t really apply as much, and that leaves you with, okay both are on the same domain, overall, and so it’s really a question of which one is easier for you.”

Therefore your entire site will benefit from the effects of search engine optimization.