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How to prevent support center to be opened without an iframe

Every article has a relevant URL in in neteller.com, so for example if we have an internal iframe url such as:

URL # 1: https://support.mysite.com/Contact-us/864734431/Contact-us.htm

This URL:

URL # 2:  https://www.mysite.com/en/support#/path/Contact-us/864734431/Contact-us.htm


So actually there are 2 ways we can go from here:

1.       Change the contact us page address from the internal address URL #1 to the parent’s URL #2

2.       We have an option in the support center that prevents the opening of a support center iframe as a stand alone, and instead, if we detect that the page doesn’t have a parent, we automatically redirect to the parent. In this option – you don’t have to change the addresses from URL #1 to URL #2

Please get back to us on which option you’d rather use.

To implement option 2 - please read this article.