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How do I dynamically push custom variables into Bold360 ai using an API?

The following API allows you to dynamically push custom variables into Bold360 ai:

_nRepData["customParams"] =


    paramName: "stringValue",

    paramName2: intValue


The following is an example of using custom variables with Bold360 ai:

_nRepData["customParams"] =


    AvailableColors: "Red, Blue, Orange",

    Price: 500

Note: The API code must be placed below the /*API Here*/ comment as part of the widget code snippet.


Displaying variables' values in Bold360 ai answers:

When editing a Bold360 ai article, you can use the following syntax to pull the variable's value:



The weight is {{weight}}.


1) If the variable does not exist (i.e. no API call was made for that variable) when the question is asked, Bold360 ai will not show this answer in the search results, and instead this will be considered as no-result.

2) There is an option to set a default value to the parameter. This will guarantee that the answer will be visible even if a variable was not found.




The weight is {{weight:100}}.