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Conversion tracking troubleshooting

If you cannot enable the conversion tracking script generated by nanorep in your website, follow this procedure. 1. Navigate to Guided Journeys => ...

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Adding a new conversion script

To add a new conversion tracking script, follow the procedure below. 1. From within your nanorep account, navigate to Analytics => Conversion. 2. Click...

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Setting Up a Secured Support Center

The support center, which runs on nanorep servers, can be deployed in the secured zone. In case your site is secured, and you've chosen to implement...

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Setting a ticket interface rule to tickets

You can set a rule so that the agent response to the ticket will look a certain way.   Learn how to set a ticket interface rule to tickets...

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Creating Widgets (Google Analytics)

Creating WidgetsTo add the event report to your dashboard you need to: Go to "Home" and click on the "+ Add widget" button.  ...

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How do I change the font and color of the floating widget title / answer ?

From within your nanoRep account, navigate to Settings => Widget.  Click Personalize in Floating Widget.  You are now asked to specify for...

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