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What is nanorep's new contextual support center

You can now utilize nanorep’s contextual abilities inside of your nanorep support portal. Now when you implement nanorep’s smart self-service...

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Support Center Customization

The support center is fully HTML supported and you can change the templates within its HTML code. Use the special syntax in the table below to insert the...

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What is split test (AB testing) ?

Split test is a measurement component in the nanoRep conversion tracking feature. It provides you with a full overview of how nanoRep affects your sales...

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LivePerson LP2 integration - how to test that integration is working

What we need for the testings is: Preparations:  1. Make sure we have the correct account, engagement Id and the id of the element, in which the lp...

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Technical Preparations to implement a support center

Setting up a subdomain with a CNAME The support center runs on nanorep servers. In order for you to get the score for activities in the support page, you...

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Nanorep API overview

  Introduction:     The Nanorep API is based on HTTP and uses JSONP (JSON with Padding) for accessing cross-domain resources.  The...

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What's New?

See nanorep's new navigation and guidance capability, which you can implement for your customers.

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