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How do I contact you?

Dear customer, Please fill out the form below to submit your issue and one of our technical support representatives will contact you shortly! ...

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What is nanorep's new contextual support center

You can now utilize nanorep’s contextual abilities inside of your nanorep support portal. Now when you implement nanorep’s smart self-service...

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Support Center Customization

The support center is fully HTML supported and you can change the templates within its HTML code. Use the special syntax in the table below to insert the...

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How do I start creating my Knowledge-base ?

You can populate the knowledge base software in 3 different ways. 1) Importing FAQ  How to import FAQ?   2) Adding new answers manually There...

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Submit a request to install SSL certificate

Use this secured form below to upload the necessary keys for the installation of your SSL certificate. Learn more about Setting Up a Secured Support...

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Technical Preparations to implement a support center

Setting up a subdomain with a CNAME The support center runs on nanorep servers. In order for you to get the score for activities in the support page, you...

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