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Technical Preparations to implement a support center

Setting up a subdomain with a CNAME The support center runs on nanorep servers. In order for you to get the score for activities in the support page, you...

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Nanorep API overview

  Introduction:     The Nanorep API is based on HTTP and uses JSONP (JSON with Padding) for accessing cross-domain resources.  The...

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How do I start creating my Knowledge-base ?

You can populate the knowledge base software in 3 different ways. 1) Importing FAQ  How to import FAQ?   2) Adding new answers manually There...

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nanorep mobile SDK

Please click here for the SDK mobile guide for IOS devices. Please click here for the SDK mobile guide for Android devices.   For more information,...

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What are the nanorep glossary definitions?

The objective of nanorep is to guide your customers to complete a digital task or find the information they are after. The funnel below depicts key stages...

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What is nanorep's new contextual support center

You can now utilize nanorep’s contextual abilities inside of your nanorep support portal. Now when you implement nanorep’s smart self-service...

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What's New?

See nanorep's new navigation and guidance capability, which you can implement for your customers.

Click here to view additional snippets of nanorep 3.0.