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Bold360 Interfaces

Receive internal support in Google Chrome

With the Bold360 widget in Google Chrome, you can either search for answers or, when your search does not display any results, you can also suggest an answer. 

You have the following options to search:

  • Open the Bold360 extension in Chrome and type your question into the search widget
  • Right-click highlighted text on a website and select Bold360Search

Search results are displayed in the widget.

How to suggest an answer as a new article

When your search returns no results, you can suggest an answer that may help others find the relevant answer to the same question. You have the following options to suggest an answer:

  1. Open the article suggestion form in the widget:
    From context menu
    • Highlight text on a website that provides the best answer to your question.
    • Right-click the highlighted text and click Bold360 > Suggest article.

    From the search widget
    When there are no results displayed, click Suggest article in the widget.

  2. Fill in the form:
    • Add a title to your answer. This helps the content manager phrase questions in a way that helps end-users find your answer.
    • Type your name
    • Enter the answer in the Topic field. If you highlighted your answer on a web site, then this field is automatically filled in.

  3. Click Send.

A content manager receives your suggestion and decides the best way to add it to the knowledge base.

For information on how to set up the widget, see How to add the Bold360 widget to Google Chrome.