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Bold360 ai - Frequently Asked Questions

Customer FAQs 

  1. What is Bold360 aiBold360 ai combines the groundbreaking intelligence of Bold360 ai (formerly Nanorep) and smart routing capabilities with Bold360’s intuitive omni-channel interface. This evolution of Bold360 ai  empowers companies like yours to cost-effectively deliver more personalized and consistent customer experiences seamlessly across A.I. and agent-based interactions. With the acquisition of Nanorep in 2017, LogMeIn can now offer one robust solution for all of your customer service needs. Bold360 ai delivers the amazing technology you trust with Bold360 ai in seamless harmony with its legacy omni-channel solution. Now, no matter how your customer chooses to engage with you – via email, chat, Twitter, Facebook, and more – you can quickly view all of their inquiries and respond via agent, chatbot, or a combination of both. Your customers will have a personalized and contextual experience, and you’ll be creating brand evangelists with every interaction. 
  1. How does this change affect meYou will not be affected by this change. The Bold360 ai that you know and love will look and function as usual. You will notice that the website, logo, and branding have been updated from Nanorep to Bold360 ai, and that the www.nanorep.com website will now automatically redirect to www.bold360.com. When you click the “Login” button on the new website, just make sure to choose the “Bold360 ai/Nanorep Admin” option and log in from there.
  1. Does my pricing changeNo, your pricing will not change. In the coming months, you will be able to take advantage of new Bold360 packages, providing access to the customer engagement agent platform, on top of your current package and pricing remaining unchanged.
  1. Are there any feature or functionality differences between Nanorep and Bold360 aiNot at this time. We will be continuing to innovate and improve our product as always, and will inform you of any exciting product updates.
  2. Is there any difference between Bold360 and Bold360 ai? Yes. These are two distinctively different products. 
  3. Where can I go for more information or supportWe have updated the Bold360 ai Support Center to reflect the new Bold360 ai brand, which you can access at www.bold360.com/ai-support. You can still visit www.nanorep.com/support and will be redirected to the new support center.

You can also email support directly at Bold360aiSupport@logmein.com as well. If you do send an email to support@nanorep.com, we will ensure your email is routed to the correct place.