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New Features in Bold360 ai

Bold360 ai version 4.86 contains the following new enhancements:

Note: These enhancements are available on servers in India only.

Full support for Geofluent Auto-translation in Search widgets

Geofluent translation is now supported in Search widgets including FAQs and Contact forms.

Support for Japanese language in Conversational widgets 

The conversational widget has been localized to Japanese.

Bold360 Advise touchpoint generally available

You can now use Bold360 widgets directly in Google Chrome as an extension and as a Salesforce widget. To provide the best customer experience, you can configure Bold360 Advise touchpoints for customers similarly to embedded widgets. To configure an Advise touchpoint, go to Touchpoints > Widgets and click Personalize under Advise widgets

For the best result, experiment with widget skins in the Basics tab of the configuration page.

Note: The Enable Advise Touchpoints feature must be enabled for your account.

For more information on using the Chrome extension and the Salesforce widget, see Receive internal support in Google Chrome and Receive internal support in Salesforce.

“Send instructions by email” is no longer available

The Send instructions by email feature has been removed from the Touchpoints > Widgets page.

Unique Email address for Bold360 ai and BoldChat accounts

Each customer who has a BoldChat and Bold360 ai account now has a common email address that identifies the customer account.

s of now, customers with BoldChat and Bold360 ai accounts can have only a single account email address.

Tooltips added to the New Search Optimizer 

The New Search Optimizer now has tooltips to provide additional information on the various user interface elements.

Use client-side Entities in conversational widgets

The API can now query Entities whenever a customer navigates to a new page, so that the bot provides relevant information to the content of the new page. This is important, for example, when the customer navigates to a new web page and requests information about a new product. In this case, the API “refreshes” the Entity with the new product ID.

Consider the following example: In an online shoe store a customer is looking at a pair of black Converse sneakers and asks "is it available in size 8". If the Entity is set up properly, the bot would provide the answer about these particular shoes. When the customer navigates to another page where there are red Nike shoes and asks the exact same question, the bot would provide an answer about the Nike shoes.

BoldChat API supports department availability

The BoldChat API now supports Bold360 department availability for the following API calls:

  • getDepartments
  • getDepartmentAvailability
  • getChatAvailability

Note: Mobile SDK will support this API implementation in the future.

Auto-complete is customizable in the Android Harmony SDK

The Android Harmony SDK now allows you to customize the appearance of the auto-complete behavior.

For information on customization options, see the Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center.


Beta features

Important: The following features are available for Beta customers only. Contact your Success Manager to try these features.

Position of Entity properties rearranged in the Article Editor 

The properties that can be used with an Entity when creating a conversational article in the Article Editor has been changed. 

Conversation preview for draft articles

Content Managers can now view a conversation preview for articles that are saved as draft.


See the new features that previous releases introduced: