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Bold360 ai 4.38 release notes

New features in version 4.38

Chat history management in iOS conversational widget

Chat history management is now enabled for the conversational widget running on iOS devices. When the customer re-enters the chat with the bot, they see their previous conversation with the bot.

Offline chat history support for iOS conversational widgets

The chat history is now displayed in iOS conversational widgets even when a customer’s phone is offline.

Channel name is displayed as escalation option in Android conversational widgets

When the customer escalates a chat to a live agent, a bubble with the channel’s name now appears as the user’s request.

To define a channel’s name in the Bold360 ai Console, go to the Channeling > Policy menu and select a channel. Channel name is defined in the Button Text field. If a name is not defined for the channel, then Channel type is displayed instead.

Chat availability customization for the bot

You can now customize the chat escalation button in the conversational widget with the Custom Widget Skin API. This allows you to customize the behavior and appearance of the escalation buttons.

German language support for conversational widgets

The conversational bot is now available in German; therefore, it can receive customer queries and respond in German. All basic conversational widgets features, language-specific capabilities, and transformations have been localized.

Thai language support

Bold360 ai now supports the Thai language. You can set up a Knowledge Base in Thai and offer your end-users Thai support centers and in-journey widgets.

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