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Bold360 ai 4.44 release notes

Downloadable file attachments in conversational widgets

You can now attach files to articles and display those as links in conversational widgets. Customers can download these attachment by clicking the links.

This feature has already been available in search widgets.

Import multiple knowledge base articles

The following API endpoints are now available to upload a large number of articles in a batch.

  • https://[your_account].nanorep.com/common/api/articlesImport
  • https://[your_account].nanorep.com/api/kb/v1/import

The list of articles must be in JSON format and one batch can contain a maximum of 500 articles.

For more information, see How to import multiple articles in a batch with the API?

Providers page improvements

The Admin Center > KB Setup > Providers page has been improved to provide the same visual experience that other pages of the Bold360 ai Console do. You can also display the Add Provider page in full screen by clicking the expand icon in the top-right corner of the dialog.


See the new features that the previous release introduced: