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Bold360 ai 4.48 release notes

Image Gallery for Conversational UI

A new, user-friendly way of creating an Image Gallery has been added to the Article Editor. Until now, you could only build Image Galleries (lists or carousels) by uploading a JSON file. Now you can create a gallery on the Conversational tab of the Article Editor while writing an article. The new UI is backward compatible, meaning that it also supports image galleries that were created from a JSON file.

Note: Currently, you can only create an Image Gallery of up to three cards, which will be increased to 10 in an upcoming release.

When you first go to the Conversational tab of the Article Editor, you must select between creating an image gallery and editing the conversational flow as shown below:


Note: You can add videos to an image gallery, which will be displayed as links in the Article Editor. Videos are displayed properly in conversational widgets.

Support for HTML content in the conversation tree

Besides plain text, you can now insert HTML elements in the conversation tree to enhance the conversation’s look and feel, as well as its functionality. For example, you can enter a link in the conversational statement by adding an HTML tag in the Article Editor’s text field.

Accessibility improvements

The following accessibility improvements have been added in this release:

  • In pre-chat and post-chat forms, screen readers can now read filed titles and options. Options are only readable if the fields are in a drop-down list or combo box.
  • Screen readers can read post-chat forms in the order of the fields
  • All incoming messages are now read properly without noise
  • Some incoming messages were incorrectly read as “unavailable”
  • Screen readers now support Instant feedback buttons

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