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Bold360 ai 4.50 release notes

Auto-translation with Geofluent

In Conversations widgets, you can add multi-language support for your knowledge bases by using Geofluent as a translations provider. When enabled, all customer questions are translated to the language of the knowledge base, while the answer is translated back to the language of the customer. 

Note: You must have an active Geofluent account to use this feature. 

Benefits of using Geofluent:

  • You can define supported languages that customers can select
  • Language selector defaults to the browser language of the customer
  • Answers are shown in the language of the customer, even if you do not have a knowledge base set up in the customer’s language
  • Supports carousels, providers, permanent buttons, and quick action 
  • No need to select the customer’s language after escalation to a Bold360 live agent

For more information, see How to use Geofluent for auto-translation in conversational mode?


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