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Bold360 ai 4.60 release notes

New reports for auto-translations provided by Geofluent

When auto translations for conversational mode is enabled for an account, you can run reports on three new fields in the Automatic translation section of the Admin Center > Reports page:

  • Auto-translated – true if the query sent to the bot was auto-translated by Geofluent
  • Query language – the language code of the original end-user query before auto translation. It is “empty” if live translation did not happen for the query
  • Original message – The original end user query before auto translation. The number of unread agent messages can be displayed on the conversational widget in Normal with minimized option mode.

You can group reports by the Auto-translated and Query language options.

Note: Reporting does not work for auto-translations provided by Google Translate in search mode.

For more information, see How to use Geofluent for auto-translation in conversational mode?

Auto-translated auto-links

Auto-links in the conversational widgets are now auto-translated if the feature is enabled.

Quick options (article buttons) in the conversational widget

Similar to the Facebook widget, a quickly accessible list of articles can be added to the conversational widget. You can access the quick options from the menu on the left side of the chat field.

These options can be used either as a persistent FAQ or as channeling by linking a referred article and hence creating a persistent escalation button.

You can define the list of articles to be displayed in the Conversation tab > Persistent menu value field of the widget settings.


Articles can be added as a comma separated list of [articleid] : [Display title] pairs. [Display title] is a title to be presented in the list. If auto-translations are enabled, the content of these lists are also translated. Customers have the following experience when the Quick actions are enabled:


Special Nordic characters are replaced with ASCII ones in support center URLs

In support Center URLs, the Nordic characters æ, ø, å, ä, and ö are automatically replaced with the closest character in the English alphabet. This helps our support center pages written in Nordic languages to get better rankings in Google search.


Customizable display date and time format in the Bold360ai Console

At account level, you can now configure the date format visible in the Console in Admin Center > Preferences.

Support for French language in conversational widget

French language is now supported in conversational widgets in addition to Search widgets.

PGP encryption support for the Android engine

The android-bold-engine-SDK can now use PGP encryption.

See the new features that the previous releases introduced: