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Bold360 ai 4.66 release notes

Ability to break responses into bubbles

You can now create conversational articles in the Article Editor with multiple pages that the bot presents to the customer as multiple chat bubbles. This is useful when you want to create, for example, a multi-bubble welcome message, or, in general, to make responses easier to understand in a chat widget. To create separate bubbles, use the additional pages button when editing an article as follows:

  1. On the Options tab, select Conversational to make the article conversational. 
  2.  On the Content tab, click Multiple pages in the toolbar.
  3. Edit and publish the article.

The customer would see a multi-page article as follows:

Optionally, on the Conversational tab of the Article Editor, you can add a <page_separator/> tag to create multiple bubbles in the article:

Add JSON-based entities to a conversational article

A new response type, JSON, has been added to the Entity page (formerly known as Provider), which allows the customer to easily import external data to a conversation from a JSON source.

For instructions on how to use JSON-based responses, see How to create conversational articles?


Present multiple entity results in the conversational widget

You can now add multiple entity results to a conversational article to display those in a gallery as a response.

You can create a series of questions and answers that help customers select a product. For example, you may want to help someone purchase a car. In this case, you can drive the conversation based on the properties of an entity that you can select on the Knowledge > Entities page. These properties are taken directly from the data source that you define when you create an entity.

As of this release, in the Card Display section, you can also define how the results of the customer’s selection appear in the conversational widget.

When you create a conversational article, you can use the properties of the entity as building blocks of the conversation. As a reminder, all applicable properties (building blocks) are listed and the layout of the results when the search retrieves multiple answers is also displayed for reference.

Once you created an article, customers will have the following experience in the conversational widget:


Agent typing indication in conversational widgets on iOS devices

In the chat widget, the customer can now see an indication that an agent is typing a message.

Filter for multiple labels in the Knowledge Base

You can now define multiple labels to filter for in the Knowledge Base. To do so, on the Knowledge > Articles page, search for a label. Then perform another search for the next label, and so on. Only those articles will be listed that have all labels applied.

You can remove filters one by one by clicking Clear next to the unnecessary filter. 

The Bold360 ai Console Dashboard opens faster

Due to performance improvements, the Dashboard in the Bold360 ai Console opens faster.


See the new features that the previous release introduced: