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Bold360 ai 4.80 release notes

File upload progress indicator in the iOS and Android Harmony SDK

Customers on iOS and Android devices now see a progress indicator when they upload files in a conversational widget. When a file is uploaded, a notification is displayed. 

Note: Files cannot exceed 10 MB in size.

The Android Harmony SDK supports external live chat providers

You can now integrate external live chat providers to support your customers on Android devices. For information on supported external providers, see How do I integrate a Chat Provider?

Beta features

Important: The following features are available for Beta customers only. Contact your Success Manager to try these features.


Improvements to the new Search Optimizer 

Provide channeling information

In the new Search Optimizer, you can now see voices that were channeled.

Filter for channeled voices

To filter for channeled voices, do the following:

  1. Click the Filter icon in the toolbar at the top of the page.
  2. On the Channeled tab, select True.
  3. Click Apply.

Separation of answered and unanswered voices in the new Search Optimizer

In the new Search Optimizer, the list of Unanswered voices contains only unanswered voices, where the bot did not offer any answer. The list of Answered voices contains all answered voices and those that have received negative feedback are now listed first.

Feedback removed from the Unanswered voices group

As Unanswered voices cannot get feedback, that counter has been removed from the new Search Optimizer in the specific search optimizer category.

Sentiment indicator

The sentiment indicator displays customers’ feedback on a specific article:

  • Neutral: the difference between positive and negative feedback is no more than five.
  • Positive: the article has received at least 6 more positive than negative feedback
  • Negative: the article has received at least 6 more negative than positive feedback

Improvements to Entities 

Entities are validated before deleted

As of now, only those Entities can be deleted that are not used in any conversational article. Otherwise, a message is displayed informing the user that the Entity cannot be deleted.

Error message for invalid Entity URL

The error message has been changed from “File is empty” to reflect that the URL is invalid.

Auto-complete for properties

You can now mark a property of an Entity as auto-complete so that a customer in a conversational widget can see suggested options for that property in a drop-down list.

Increased the number of quick options for properties

The maximum number of quick options, which are the properties of an entity, displayed to the customer has been increased from 5 to 10.

Unified drop-down experience for selecting an Entity

When Content Managers add an Entity to a conversational article, the related properties are automatically listed in a drop-down list with auto-complete enabled. In the Article Editor, you can type double brackets to list available entities. After selecting an entity its properties are automatically listed. In the following example, after selecting the “Cars” entity the Article Editor lists the available properties:


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