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Bold360 ai 4.84 release notes

Differentiate between positive and regular channeling for high-value chats 

Positive channeling indicates intentional channeling. For example, when a specific intent indicates a customer is at risk and your strategy is to help this customer with a live agent. To add channeling value to an article, select High value in the article’s visibility options.

This impacts channeling statistics between high-value and regular channeling on the Dashboard.

Important: channeled high-value interactions are still considered as unresolved from a self-service point of view. Therefore, the self-service score will be 0 for an interaction that was channeled from a high value article.

Set initialized Entities multiple times

You can now set the widget to “know” which product page it runs on, and to provide answers that apply to that product only.

The Bold360 ai API can set initialized entities not only once when the widget is loading, but at any time afterwards. The API can now send Entity values as parameters to provide the widget with the relevant information. In this case, the Entity does not have to be set up on the client, because the API can read parameters from a server-side Entity.

For example, if the customer is in an online store, where an Entity contains all the products and their related data then an API can serve that information to the customer. 

Note: As a prerequisite, an Entity must be set up with all the product details.

Stemming for synonyms has been improved

You can now select the synonyms that you want to associate with a word in the synonyms editor. 

In the example above, the synonym "ms" was defined as synonym for "microsoft". The NLP engine considers "ms" as the plural form of "m" and, unless you clear the checkbox for that word, the engine adds it as a synonym to "ms" Subsequently, when you search for “m” in your knowledge base, all Microsoft-related articles would be listed.

Note: If you define multiple words as synonyms then all those words are listed on this page.

For more information, see How to add synonyms?

Auto-complete is available in the Android Harmony SDK

Customers on Android devices can now use auto-complete in search and Conversational widgets.

Beta features

Important: The following features are available for Beta customers only. Contact your Success Manager to try these features.


Create Bold360 Advise-specific touchpoint configurations

You can now use Bold360 widgets directly in Google Chrome as an extension and as a Salesforce widget. To provide the best customer experience, you can configure Bold360 Advise touchpoints for customers similarly to embedded widgets. To configure an Advise touchpoint, go to Touchpoints > Widgets and click Personalize under Advise widgets

For the best result, experiment with widget skins in the Basics tab of the configuration page.

Note: The Enable Advise Touchpoints feature must be enabled for your account.

For more information on using the Chrome extension and the Salesforce widget, see Receive internal support in Google Chrome and Receive internal support in Salesforce.

Visual improvements to the Article Editor 

The Article Editor, including the preview pane, has been improved visually to provide a better experience for Content Managers.

The following improvements have been made:

  • You can now use animations in titles
  • The Like and Dislike icons have been updated. The size of the respective counters have also been decreased and tilted
  • Spacing between the Content header and Context variations has been increased, while font size has been decreased for better readability
  • Bot avatar has been added to the Preview pane
  • The Labels and Assignee drop-down lists now have a shadow for better visibility


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